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  • How much does the equipment weigh? On the ground aprox 85 kg, in water you can float with it if you want and practise a little. Are there any preliminary requirements for participation? It is recommended to have a valid licence from some diving organisation or some experience of how to behave under water.
  • How deep do you dive? In our diving area the depth is 7-9 m
  • Will I be totally alone down there? In your suit yes, however, there is constant radio communication between the shore team and the diver, so there is no need to feel alone. Should anything happen, the stand-by diver of the team will come to help you.
  • Does this vintage equipment hold up at all under the water? The equipment we use is 30 years old. Many hydraulic engineering companies still use 60-year-old equipment.
  • How are the ears equalized with this equipment? The best way would be to swallow or yawn, if you can. For some reason, everybody can’t do it. In that case you have a couple of opportunities. 1) press your nose to the illuminator and blow through your nose 2) use a nose nipper (very uncomfortable) 3) stretch your hand out of the sleeve and equalize with your fingers.
  • My grandfather was also a diver. The tool shed is still full of some strange stuff. Are you interested in such a trash? Contact us and maybe we will have a deal done.